Financial Planning Process

EMCR financial process interview with clients in Queens, Long Island and New York
Step by Step

1. The initial interview focuses on your current financial picture and determines your goals and objectives.
2. A written analysis is prepared to address your specific issues, including:

  • Maximizing cash flow and savings.
  • Minimizing income taxes.
  • Achieving financial independence, i.e., retiring when you want, with the lifestyle you want.
  • Incorporating lifestyle and career changes into the current and future cash flow projections.
  • Protecting yourself and your family with proper life, disability, home, liability and long-term care insurance.
  • Developing a long-term investment plan consistent with your goals and risk tolerance.
  • Determining how to best transfer any wealth remaining at your death to your heirs and/or charity.

EMCR's financial planning process in New York, Queens, Long Island and New York City

3. Meet in person to review the recommendations, discuss the analysis and look at alternative scenarios as needed.
4. The goal is to develop a written implementation plan to make sure we follow through on the recommendations you agree are appropriate.
5. Monitor the plan and your portfolio on an ongoing basis to make sure you stay on track and are reaching your goals.


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